Interesting Facts about Your Nails

Interesting Facts about Your Nails

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Women love their nails. They show this appreciation by spending precious time and money on shaping, cleansing and painting their nails. If you like your nails too, here are some interesting facts about them that you should know.

Growth Time – Men’s nails actually grow faster than women’s, and this is reversed during pregnancy.

Stress and Nail Health – Stressful jobs and exams can have adverse effects on your nail health.

Nails Tell About Your Health – Nail examination can reveal serve diseases and health hazards you may suffer from. Blue coloration can signal cancer while yellow coloration can be a sign of respiratory disease.

The Calcium Myth – Contrary to popular belief, white spots on your nails do not indicate a calcium deficiency. These could, however, be a sign of a minor infection in the body. They can also result from an allergic reaction to nail polish.

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