Some Information About Dental Implants That You Should Know

Some Information About Dental Implants That You Should Know

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The basic objective for considering dental implant is to restore or replace your missing teeth. There are series of procedures performed by the dentist while doing dental implant. Finally, after performing all these procedures you will come back to your normal condition.

Normalizing your chewing process

After dental implants, it is very important that you are able to chew your food properly. This process is also called mastication. The effort is needed that you come back to your normal condition as early as possible. When the new dental implant is done then your chewing forces are supported by the bones surrounding your teeth. When the implantation functions almost like your natural teeth then you will be able to chew your food properly.

On the other hand, in case of traditional process, denture is designed and the force required for chewing is passed to the gums as the dentures rest on the gums. This is not the natural way of chewing. Therefore, patient needs pretty long time to get used to the chew in normal way.


For many patients restoring the aesthetics is very important. The aesthetics obtained by dental implant is really great. Your lost tooth looks fully recovered and you will feel as if you have got back your natural teeth.

Pronouncing words

If your front teeth are missing then your speech may get impaired and while pronouncing some of the consonants these teeth have a special role. With the traditional removable dentures, you may struggle to pronounce few day-to-day words till your mouth is adapted to the new condition. There is no such issue with dental implant.

Few advantages of dental implant

The biggest advantage of dental implant is that you feel as if you have got back your original natural tooth. The reason for this is that it can fuse with the original bone due to a biological process called osseointegration. In addition to that following are the advantages of dental implant.

  • Such implants can reduce the load on the rest of the teeth, gums and jawbones by providing independent support, retention to bridges, crowns and removable dentures.
  • It can preserve the natural tissue as there is no need to prepare adjacent teeth for restoration in conventional way.
  • The original structures of your tooth are removed in the preparation of your tooth, which includes those portions of your tooth that is structurally sound and still in healthy condition.

Dental implant is preferred nowadays in place of traditional dentures.

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