Top Things To Consider For Corporate Event Catering

Top Things To Consider For Corporate Event Catering

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Planning and organizing a corporate event requires effort. While other aspects are important, it is wise to consider catering needs in advance. In this post, we will talk about the aspects you must consider before setting for a corporate catering service.

Point #1 – Venue and time

Many venues offer onsite catering as a part of the package, so you cannot hire outside catering services. While this may seem like a compulsion, but you may end up saving more on the deal. The time is also important for deciding the menu. For evening events, you may need more appetizer items than main course, while for lunches and dinners, it is important to have soups, sides and desserts.

Point #2 – Bar services

Not all corporate events need bar services, and this is more about choices and budget. For example, if you are planning a training event or a seminar for your employees, you would want to avoid alcohol completely. On the other hand, if the event is for prospective clients, having a bar segment can create an impression. Consider the nature of your event before taking a call.

Point #3 – Guest preferences

If you are organizing an event that will be attended by top think-tank people and members of the management, you may just want to consider personal preferences. For example, some guests are very particular about vegan food, while others may expect gluten-free items on the menu. In any case, try and keep a spread that offers something for everyone.

Point #4 – Experience of the caterer

Most caterers will be more than willing to offer an estimate for free, but don’t settle for the cheapest proposal as yet, unless you do a background check. Find more about the caterer and the number of years he has been in business. If required, you can ask for client references, as well, besides photos of their recent events. Other things to consider include their menu options and delivery services.

Point #5 – Date of the event

If your event is on a weekend or a holiday, consider booking your catering service in advance – at least a month ahead. Keep in mind that caterers are usually busy with private events on holidays, and in most cases, they don’t entertain last minute requests. However, if you have a small and unexpected event coming up, you can try delivery services, where the servers will come with food, ready to be served.

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