Try Various Decent Ways to bridge that Gap of your Missing Tooth

Try Various Decent Ways to bridge that Gap of your Missing Tooth

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Jaw bone secures and positions all our teeth for the most effective chewing action. Certain types of disease and decay can lead to tooth loss. This happens when you have cavity in your mouth which if not cleaned properly, can lead to plaque and gum disease. If a loss tooth isn’t replaced immediately, the surrounding bone begins to shrink and collapse. Due to no support, the nearby teeth also start moving to the place where the tooth is missing.

The amount of bone loss and jaw structure depends upon the type of tooth that is missing. If one tooth starts shifting from its place then many teeth situated nearby start drifting. This results in misalignment of bone and jaw structure. Due to this problem, you are unable to clean your gums properly, as it is difficult to reach those areas which are enclosed in pockets. This may lead to tooth decay and further tooth loss.

According to Sante Dentaire Globale which means, the Global Dental Health Centre, offer services that are provided by a team of experts and professionals. Their main motive isn’t always implant surgery, but they feel before opting for surgery, there should be other alternative for oral health care. To know more about them you can visit their website

Hence, they suggest five ways of restoring a lost tooth –

  • Partial dentures can take care of one or several missing teeth with the help of a metal clasp but these clasps show when you smile. They also move slightly when you speak or eat, making it uncomfortable for you but being an economical option, many people go for it.

  • Temporary dentures are used to fill the gaps that are to be treated with bridge or implant in future. They act like flips which means they can move to and fro easily, but are needed only to heal the gap before implantation is done.
  • A bridge is created by filling the gap in between two teeth with a solution that acts like cement after drying up. For this process, the adjacent teeth are cut to connect them properly.

  • Lastly, when all options aren’t good for the chronic case, then dental implant is suggested, where a titanium screw is inserted in the gap and with the help of that screw a new artificial tooth is put there. It works as a normal tooth where you can eat hard stuff and also smile as much you want.

Apart from all these things, a space in your teeth can take away your confidence. Hence, treat them immediately to get your smile back.

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